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Purpose, measures and behavior, how it can support or destroy Lean journey?


'Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave' It is easy to select a perf[...]

Why LEAN Management Fails in 2017?


The problem we encounter today is that management assumes people are not willing or not capable[...]

Moving from traditional to holistic management


Every current or former head of a company understands whose frustration is depicted in this list.

Manager's Role in Daily Management


Every company is a unique system. Create unique tools by realising your system's problems.

How to apply Lean in services to create value for the client?


The main difference between production and services is that in services, the client participate[...]

The dance between CEO and Continuous Improvement Manager


LEAN is not to be delegated, the senior management has to be fully involved and lead management[...]

Internal coach gemba standard in UAB "Kitron"


Don't be afraid to admit that you do not know or do not understand something and then ask quest[...]

Personnel manager's recipe for Lean company


When starting the introduction of LEAN discipline, we had to cleanse ourselves and decide what [...]

LEANPAPER for LEAN managers 2015


Finally our popular LEANPAPER is translated in English. If you need a pdf version, please write[...]