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STRATEGY INFRASTRUCTURE© means the whole of strategic goals, process indicators and tactical plan which is essential for strategy deployment in the organization. This program is based on Hoshin Kanri methodology with integration of VSM, X-matrix, PDCA, A3 and other LEAN management tools and future management elements. Top and middle level managers are engaged into preparation process as well as team sessions. Overall commitment of entire organization is achieved through catch-ball and feedback cycles.


  • Top and middle level managers achieve consensus on strategy deployment priorities and share responsibilities and resources within the management team.
  • Horizontally aligned targets are connected with client - centric process indicators and performance before they are cascaded vertically.
  • Aligned understanding of company-client relationship, strategic goals and priorities of tactical action plan within management team.
  • Strategy deployment plans prepared at all levels and tied up with monitoring routines.
  • Defined set of Key Performance Indicators and Performance Indicators for further integration to daily management system.


DAILY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM© is a strategy implementation discipline focused on continuously increasing value proposition to the client. Engagement into discipline becomes a standard work of managers at all levels and ensures leadership support for employees next to the client.

DMS© is addressed to the companies, that are willing:

  • To make strategic plan alive instead of filing it as nice pptx presentation and to transform it to daily continuous improvement routine that is visible for each manager and employee;
  • To engage functional teams into maximizing value stream output based on client-centric process indicators.
  • To improve "bottom-up" and "top-down" communication and decision making time;
  • To change existing management habits and behaviors in response with client expectations and market requirements using daily discipline;
  • To spread out daily LEAN management into entire organization after implementation of LEAN tools in manufacturing.


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT CULTURE© is a tailor made 12-24-months project for organization that has chosen LEAN as organizational life-style. It is addressed to the companies that are practicing LEAN or operational excellence philosophy at least for two years.


  • Strategic goals, tactics and daily performance indicators are aligned horizontally and vertically.
  • Daily visual management discipline as part of strategy deployment and foundation for problem solving is launched at all levels of organization.
  • Defined and integrated standard of managers' way of working.
  • Discipline of working groups for strategy implementation is integrated to daily management system.
  • Improvement & Coaching Kata is applied in real situations to strenghten managerial skills for efficient goal achievement.

During the project, 2-5 internal coaches are prepared for further operational excellence development.